Friday, January 13, 2012

Queens School Bus Accident Injures Six

Six people were injured when a car struck a school bus in Queens Thursday, including a 59-year-old woman who was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. NY1's Tetiana Anderson filed the following report.

A mangled school bus across from a just as badly damaged car was the resulting wreckage from an accident in Queens Thursday, a testament to how close the collision came to being deadly.

A driver of a Nissan Altima struck a bus on Glassboro Avenue and Liverpool Street in Jamaica.

"It ran the stop sign right there and basically t-boned the school bus, and it was like a deflection," said one witness.

"Almost hit little children crossing the street," said another. "It's wild around here."

The Nissan driver missed the children, but the bus driver lost control and struck a 59-year-old woman, pinning her between the bus and the house.

"I actually saw she was laying there, she was awake, she was aware of what was going on," said one witness.

Fire Department officials say six people were injured, including the woman who was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Three children and a matron on the bus were not injured, and no arrests have been made.

Luckily, the homeowner wasn't there when the bus crashed into it, but she said this isn't the first time she's seen an accident happen in front of her house.

"This is the biggest accident I've seen right here. All the others were minor," said homeowner Jullet Simpson.

Minor or not, people who live nearby say with only a two-way stop, the intersection is dangerous, and signage should be changed to make this corner safe."Somebody needs to come here and actually take a look at this intersection here and maybe there won't be as many accidents happening," said one resident.

"They don't stop here, the need to put a four-way stop or a stoplight," said another.

But until that happens, anyone passing through might want to proceed with caution.

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