Saturday, January 7, 2012

Car Crushes NYPD Officer's Legs During Traffic Stop

A police officer is undergoing surgery to his legs at Bellevue Hospital after a van hit him during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Friday night.

Police say the officer was struck at Coney Island Avenue and Dorchester Road in Flatbush.

One witness said the officer was standing behind a car when he was hit by another vehicle.

"The man got hit while he was making a stop. He had stopped the car right here at this T and another car who was going fast ended up crashing into another car, and the police officer was between both of the cars, and that's how he hurt his legs," said the witness.

Police haven't released the officer's name or age.

No arrests have been made.

By: NY1 News

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  1. A new procedure should be made, if a traffic stop must be done other than the side of the road then emergency cones and road candles should be employed.
    Because it is sad but we see cops pull over drivers often in the lanes with traffic and unfortunately this kind of accident was bound to happen.