Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Brooklyn 19th AVE at 86 ST motor vehicle accident FD PD on scene
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NY/NJ: Holland Tunnel Closed After Shooting Police shot a motorist at the Holland Tunnel

NY/NJ: Holland Tunnel Closed After Shooting
Police shot a motorist at the Holland Tunnel NEW YORK - Police shot a motorist in the Holland Tunnel Friday evening after the man attempted to run down officers with his car, according to reports.

Shots were fired just before 7 p.m. when Port Authority officers ordered a car with two male passengers to stop after passing through the toll plaza on the New Jersey side. It is unclear why the car was being pulled over.

The driver refused to pull over and cops gave chase, reportedly boxing in the car at one point. When officers tried approach, the driver tried to use his car as a weapon, according to published reports.

Officers then fired several shots, wounding one of the two men. According to EMS, a young man was transported to Bellevue Hospital with a gunshot wound.

None of the police officers were injured.

Traffic was severely backed up due to the investigation during rush hour.

Friday, April 29, 2011

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A 10-52 IN BROOKLYN ...

Boro park nypd bssp on scene at 42 st & 14 ave for a big fight.,


Brooklyn: 465 Decals Ave A 25 year old Male shot in the chest is in traumatic arrest DOA at Brooklyn hospital. Crime scene being established.

Boy sold gun for $3..

An 8-year-old boy brought a loaded handgun to a Queens elementary school and sold it to a classmate for $3, police said. 

The weapon was discovered when the second boy brought the gun home and showed it to his mom, police said.

The mom rushed to PS 107 in Flushing to report what happened, and school officials called police.,

The child and mom were at the 109th Precinct Thursday evening, and police were looking to speak to the other child who is believed to have brought the loaded gun to class, authorities said.-.

No one was injured, police said....

Investigators said the weapon is a 9 mm and had been "defaced," which means the weapon could be hard to trace. 

Highway Cop involved in MVA at Entrance to BQE at Flushing x Wmsbg St, no injuries!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NYC Councilmen Join Fight Against Fake Parking-Permits

NYC Councilmen Join Fight Against Fake Parking-Permits

As many as one in four parking placards currently used by motorists in New York City are fake, according to a new study by transportation advocates, and city lawmakers are latching onto the report to push for tougher enforcements.

Currently, there are 78,000 valid parking placards distributed by various authorities in the city. The president of Transportation Alternatives, Paul Steeley White, said his group suveyed six neighborhoods, and out of 1,450 permits found, 343 were fake. "That means that between 10,000 and 25,000 fake permits are used regularly in the city," White said.

That's more than the 12,000 yellow taxi cabs currently on the road here, he noted.

"More often than not these placards are getting a free pass," said City Councilman Dan Garodnick, who joined White and others on the City Hall steps to announce the findings. "We can assume that is because parking permits denote a level of prestige and privilege and many traffic agents want to risk running up against someone in power even if they are parked at a fire hydrant or on a sidewalk."

Garodnick introduced the Authentic Permit Act to the City Council in early February, calling for a barcode to be added to all legitimate permits so that parking enforcement agents can scan each permit to see if it is both real and being used by the registered car.

"If there is no barcode, there is no reason to not write a ticket," Garodnick said.

Garodnick's bill, which has 21 co-sponsors, was introduced nearly three months ago, but he said that he has spoken with Jimmy Vacca, the chair of the Council's Transportation Committee, and Vacca reportedly "expressed an interest in the bill and a desire to hold a hearing on it." While no hearing date is set, supporters hope it will come in the next few months.
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Brooklyn: Flushing Ave & Kent Ave NYPD RMP Involved in a MVA With injuries,

Police pulled a car @ Marcy x Wallabout for seat belts 3 ppl jumped out w/ Guns, 2 arrested 1 fled. PD Searching

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg Shomrim Apprehends Tire Thieves

SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2011

Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg Shomrim Apprehends Tire Thieves

Brooklyn, NY - Two members of the four man gang that has been stealing rims and tires from late model and new vehicles were apprehended this morning by alert members of the Williamsburg Shomrim Safety Patrol.

The gang was known to work quickly, cruising the streets looking for likely targets, then using hydraulic tools to remove the wheels quickly, leaving the cars propped up on cinder blocks.

After noticing a suspicious vehicle occupied by four black males at 6 AM this morning, Shomrim followed the car which stopped at South 10th Street and Wythe Avenue. As two of the men began removing tires from a vehicle, Shomrim called for backup which arrived within seconds.

The two suspects in the vehicle drove away from the scene and were followed by a Shomrim member who gave up the chase when one of the men simulated pointing a gun at him.

The other two suspects attempted to flee the scene but were caught a few blocks away and held by Shomrim for the NYPD who arrived several moments later and placed them under arrest.

NYPD will monitor everything with a closer eye.NYPD will monitor everything with a closer eye.

NEW YORK – Police are the lookout this Easter Sunday for any suspicious activity related to what has become known as "Gang Initiation Day."

"This is a very serious issue," Sen. Eric Adams said. "You don't want the public to surrender to the threat of violence."

Last year on Easter Sunday, Times Square was filled with violence. Four people were shot and 54 people were arrested.

A similar incident happened in 2007 outside a New Rochelle movie theater where dozens were arrested. In both cases, police said gangs were to blame.

Adams, who was a New York Police Department captain, said the gang members are using Twitter to communicate.

"They use it to carry out flash meeting points faster than the NYPD could use their radios," Adams said.

Still, the NYPD will monitor everything with a closer eye.

"The police department is well abreast of this type of initiation," Adams said. "If they see something, they say something."

Wspu & pd they caught 2 guys who were taking off tires of cars 2 others fled w/red car &showed a gun, PD got Plate# &r working on the 2 they got arrested to get the others.

Motor vehicle accident on the williamsburg bridge towards Brooklyn 1 injuries WSPU unit-8 on scene !


Brooklyn S-5 x bedford perp Search 3 under by ESU & PD great job by kcsp 5:23:52 AM

FDNY, PD and WSPU on scene at Whyte x Clymer, For an mva ( pics @alwaysactions )

W-shomrim Numerous units 84 S-10 x berry after foot pursuit holding 1 requested PD Forthwith in regards 31 k 3:42:18 AM

Brooklyn 79 precinct De kalb ave x nostrand ave pd on scene big fight.Req EMS att ( @AlwaysActions )

Saturday, April 23, 2011

3 people stabbed

Brooklyn 79 precinct 3 people stabbed pulaski st & tompkins AVE. All not likely PD EMS on scene

Brooklyn: Garvey Blvd & broadway Pedestrian struck by a SUV and was pinned under vehicle transported in likely condition, Req NYPD Hwy AIS.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011