Monday, July 4, 2011

Teen Falls From Fire Escape In Queens

A teenager is fighting for her life after she lost her grip on a fire escape and fell four floors to the ground according to police.

Police say 19-year old Mathea Jon was walking down the fire escape from the rooftop of a friends building in the Hollis section of Queens when she fell.

"She reaches for the ladder and I hear a scream," said Daniel Santiago. "I look over and I see her falling."

"It was me and her and we was hanging out and listening to music, enjoying the view," Santiago said.

Santiago and another friend raced downstairs and called 911 as Jon laid face down, moaning in a pool of blood.

Jon was taken to Jamaica Hospital where she is in stable condition.

Police believe the fall was an accident and no charges are expected.

Another friend of Jon's showed up after hearing about fall and said Jon enrolled at CUNY this fall and planned to start a career in medicine.

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