Sunday, July 31, 2011

Queens Man Accused Of Former Policeman's Murder

A man has being charged with shooting and the murder of a former city police officer in South Jamaica, Queens.

Devante Seabrook, 19, is accused of shooting Colin Bowlin, 28, in the back near the corner of 113th Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard.

Bowlin was pronounced dead early Saturday at a Queens hospital.

Sources say the shooting was over a dice game.

South Jamaica residents told NY1 the area is a safe place.

"It had to be somebody that did not live in this neighborhood, because this neighborhood, mostly, everybody looks out for one another," said Jill Mattocks, an area pastor.

"It's not like he walked around here as an officer, you know? He walked as a neighbor, your next-door neighbor, friendly person, you know?" said neighbor Jacqueline Skyers. "But my whole family, we're so hurt by this tragedy."

Bowlin served on the force for three years and then left the force for unclear reasons in 2008.

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