Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DEA Arrests 37 People In Connection To International Drug Bust

Officers from the Drug Enforcement Agency arrested 37 people Wednesday who are alleged to be part of an international drug ring led by Albanians.

Most of the arrests were made in the city, New Jersey, Colorado and Florida.

One of the alleged ringleaders was arrested in Albania.

They're accused of distributing tens of thousands of kilograms of marijuana, cocaine, and prescription medications.

DEA officials say the organization is also responsible for laundering tens of millions of dollars.

They say they also recovered 18 firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition during Wednesday's raid.

"This seizure is symbiotic proof that there's a relationship between narcotics trafficking and violence," said Keith Kruskall of the DEA. "This organization last month was involved in a drug-related shooting in which the organized crime drug enforcement task force made arrests in conjunction with the NYPD of these individuals."

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "This criminal syndicate injected illegal drugs, including highly addictive oxycodone painkillers, into thousands of lives and subjected neighborhoods to violence ranging from kidnappings to attempted murder. With these arrests, we say good riddance."

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