Thursday, February 16, 2012

Child Killed In School Bus Crash

State police at the scene of a school bus crash south of Trenton, N.J., say a child has died in the accident -- and that the child is a triplet daughter of a state trooper. The police also report that 17 others were hurt and three victims are in critical condition.

The bus collided with a dump truck at about 8:30 a.m. Thursday at a four-way intersection in Chesterfield. People in the area say the intersection is considered dangerous.

A parent who came to pick up her bruised children says there were a number of injuries. The most seriously injured students were hospitalized at Cooper Hospital in Camden.

The child who was killed is a seven-year-old triplet. Her sister is reportedly one of the two victims in critical condition. The third triplet reportedly suffered minor injuries.

The trooper was identified as Anthony Tesla, and he lives very close to the accident scene, according to WTXF. The Tesla family was reportedly at the bedside of the second triplet praying for the child's recovery.

The bus was transporting children to Chesterfield Elementary School. The superintendent, Ellen McHenry, issued a statement saying the bus was making a routine morning run at the time of the accident.

The statement said that a number of students were injured and parents were immediately notified.

"Students and staff in our school have been appraised of the accident and are receiving support where needed via our counseling staff and members of the Burlington County School Crisis Response Team," the statement said.

The bus ended up upright against a large pole at the intersection. The bus is indented where it hit the pole.

We are deeply concerned for the students on the bus and their families and can only imagine what they've been dealing with in the immediate aftermath of the crash. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved, especially those who have been injured," said N.J. Gov. Chris Christie.

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