Monday, February 20, 2012

Accident Victim Dragged Near JFK Airport

A person was dragged for distance after a traffic accident on Monday morning.

A police source tells Fox 5's Lisa Evers that a small car cut across several lanes on the Southbound Van Wyck Expressway at the entrance to JFK Airport, near the old Ramada hotel.

A tractor trailer truck hit the car but didn't see it, thinking the an apparent puff of smoke was a tire blowing. The truck driver kept going, not knowing the car was attached to the truck.

The source says the victim in the car apparently tried to get out of the moving car through one of the doors and was dragged for some distance until the truck was flagged down.

The car driver was rushed to Jamaica Hospital and went into surgery in extremely critical condition.

There may be closures in the area for several hours during the investigation.

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