Saturday, March 3, 2012

Teen Shot And Killed In Queens Incident Caught On Surveillance Video

A Queens teenager was shot and killed Friday at the Jamaica Houses, and police have released surveillance footage that they say shows a suspect shooting the victim and then being apprehended by police.

The NYPD says members of its Viper Unit were tracking two teenagers and watched the shooting incident unfold on surveillance cameras.

They then radioed other police officers, who immediately arrived on the scene and collared the two suspects.

According to authorities, the video shows 19-year-old Darryl Adams - who they say had already been shot once - running away from two people. They say the video then shows Adams collapsing, then being shot a second time by one of the suspects.

Moments later, police are seen driving up to the scene and apprehending the two suspects.

Officers arrested 16-year-old Alexander Burgess and 19-year-old Sean Barnhill. Both are charged with murder and weapons possession.

By: NY1 News

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