Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wall Street Protestors Take Message To The Village

Roughly a thousand "Occupy Wall Street" protestors marched from Lower Manhattan to Washington Square Park Saturday as they continued to make their case for what they say is a damaged economy caused by corporate greed.

For the past four weeks the group has flooded Zucotti Park, speaking out against a variety of issues, including unemployment and health care to the banking industry.

As of early Saturday evening, there were no reports of any arrests or confrontations with police.

Some who took part in the march say they hope their overall message becomes more defined.

"It's a little scattered, and there needs to be more of a unified front of what people want, and what they expect to get out of it," said one protestor.

It's not clear how long the protestors planned to stay because unlike their current campground downtown, Washington Square Park officially closes to the public at midnight.

Anyone at the park after then could be arrested.

Meantime, the owner of Zucotti Park now says sanitation is becoming a problem because the park has not been properly cleaned since the protests began last month.

He says the park is working with the city to address its condition.

Protestors who spoke with NY1 on Friday say they have no plans to quit.

"It's taken four weeks for people to realize no we really are this upset, we are serious, this is an actual thing. This isn't a fluke," said one protestor.

"About time," said another. Three weeks people have been here. People just taking notice now. More people coming."

The New York City Police Department says it will accommodate the protests, as long as no laws are broken.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says the protest has already cost taxpayers nearly $2 million in overtime.

(BY NY1)

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