Thursday, October 27, 2011

NYPD Officers And Civilians To Face Charges In Ticket-Fixing Scandal

Sixteen police officers and five others will face charges in connection with a ticket-fixing probe Friday morning.

Officials at the Bronx district attorney's office say indictments will be unsealed following a nearly three-year internal investigation.

It all started when authorities were monitoring a police officer who allegedly had ties to a known drug dealer.

Several officers were allegedly caught on wiretaps talking about getting rid of tickets for friends and family members.

Bronx residents NY1 spoke with had mix feelings about the scandal.

"To me, I think this all bogus. I think it's a lie. They're just trying to frame these cops. These cops are good cops," said one resident.

"Just unacceptable, and if they violate the law, they violated the law," said another.

"If it's a scandal, then there needs to be repercussions behind it, but I think people need to know that there's truth behind it as well. You don't want to accuse cops for no reason," said a third.

Union delegates have also been implicated in scandal.

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