Sunday, October 9, 2011

Clergy To Join Forces With "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters

The "Occupy Wall Street protestors" are remaining in Lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, and members of the clergy are expected to join the effort later today.

Demonstrators organizing the day's events at a so-called "general assembly" today, and a large demonstration is scheduled for tomorrow.

Protestors held a peaceful march up to Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village yesterday.

Police say there were no arrests yesterday, compared to the past two Saturdays, when hundreds of protesters were arrested.

Demonstrators told NY1 this morning that they remain part of the protest to keep sharing their message.

"For the most part, the only thing we all have in common is we want equality. We all come from very different backgrounds, very different economic strides, everything. It's not fair," said one protester. "There's so many people that don't have anything to eat and they're buying $200 lunches, and we're paying for it."

"Message is, you know, I was a business owner and lost my business because of the economy. My dad's house is in foreclosure because of the economy and being taken away from him right now, and there's just too much money in too little pockets," said another.

Protesters last night eventually headed back to Zuccotti Park after several hours at Washington Square Park, which closed to the public at midnight.

(By ny1)

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