Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Off-duty NYPD officer shot

An off-duty NYPD cop has been shot in the Bronx, according to emergency reports. The officer was brought to Bronx Lebanon hospital for treatment and is expected to survive.

Officer Ivan Marcano, 27, was in a car with his girlfriend when she saw two men robbing someone, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said. Marcano got out of the car and identified himself as a police officer, Kelly said. That is when one suspect shot him, Kelly said.

The wounded Marcano got back in the car, saw the suspects again, and fired at them, killing one, Kelly said.

Marcano then found an ambulance, which rushed him to the hospital, Kelly said.

Officers recovered one gun at the scene.

The NYPD mobilized dozens of officers in pursuit of the other suspect.

The shooting happened at 85 West Burnside Avenue in the University Heights section of the borough.

Video from SkyFoxHD shows several police vehicles and dozens of police officers in the streets of the neighborhood, areas blocked off by crime scene tape, and a white Ford Mustang under scrutiny.

Just a day earlier, a Nassau County cop was shot and killed in a traffic stop at the border of Queens and Nassau.

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