Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: 8 NYPD officers treated for hypothermia

Rescued cops from Coney Island’s flooded 60th precinct were rushed to the hospital Monday night with hypothermia.

The Brooklyn station house was evacuated after being surrounded by

water from Hurricane Sandy’s surge. Some officers were brought to

Maimonides Medical Center when their body temperatures dropped to

dangerously low levels.

“The Maimonides ER treated and released eight NYPD personnel for

hypothermia related to a flooding situation in Coney Island,” the

hospital confirmed to the Daily News.

A source who was being treated in the emergency room at the same time

says that one female cop was who was hypothermic was unconscious, and

that other officers feared she might die at one point.

Another had to be rescued from the basement screaming, according to the source.

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  1. I heard through a friend who works in the 61st precinct that an officer in the 60th precinct had medical supplies and saved the unconscious officer after she went into shock. Great job