Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alleged Looters Smash, Rob Stores in Coney Island, the Rockaways

NEW YORK — Hundreds of cops descended on Coney Island and The Rockaways Tuesday night, arresting more than a dozen people who allegedly looted eight stores during the blackout caused byHurricane Sandy.

The NYPD declined to confirm looting reports, but police sources did state that officers made multiple burglary arrests in the 100th and 101st precincts in Queens, and in the 60th Precinct in Brooklyn.

In The Rockaways, cops collared more than 12 people in the 100th and 101st precincts, a police source said. It was unclear how many of the suspects were charged with burglary.

  • Three suspects were arrested at a Radio Shack 87-09 Rockaway Beach Blvd.
  • Two were allegedly caught burglarizing a store at 85-14 Rockaway Beach Blvd.
  • Six were arrested at 38-01 Beach Channel Drive.
  • One person was arrested at 57-25 Shore Front Parkway.

In Coney Island:

  • One person was arrested at Mermaid Avenue and West Street.
  • Another suspect was arrested at Neptune Avenue and 36th Street.

Businesses on the south side of Mermaid Avenue near 30th and 31st streets appeared to have sustained the worst damage. Citibank, Family Drug Store and 99 Cent and Up, in particular, had gaping holes in their metal roll-down gates. Storefront windows of Mega Aid Pharmacy were also smashed, and merchandise littered the ground outside.

By nightfall, cops stood on every block of Mermaid Avenue, intensifying in number as the road approached Sea Gate and Coney Island's western shore. Close to 100 officers and dozens of police cars were outside Fine Fare supermarket on 29th Street, and cops were starting to set-up mobile lighting units at 30th and 32nd streets.

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