Saturday, May 28, 2011

Student brings fake Uzi to class, promises to 'start shooting' then gets arrested, classmate says

High school students in Queens got the scare of a lifetime Friday when a classmate brandished a realistic-looking toy Uzi and promised to "start shooting."

A 15-year-old freshman has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon after he flashed the fake gun in English class at Flushing High School and promised to take revenge on classmates who teased him.

"He said it was going to happen in the hallway after class," said a classmate who wouldn't give her name.

"He promised he was going to start shooting," said the terrified girl, whose parents pulled her out of school after the incident.

The troubled teen who showed off the fake weapon was a frequent target of other students who teased him and called him "scarecrow" for being too skinny, the classmate said.

During third period, the teen pulled the gun from his book bag and displayed it for the frightened students. A witness said the teacher never noticed.

A school aide recevied an anonymous call about the gun and told a dean, who enlisted the help of a school safety agent to track down the teen.

Cops were alerted, and after a canvass of the building, the teen was located and arrested. He is being charged as a juvenile.

Police said the boy painted the toy gun's red barrel black so it looked real. Cops also found a box cutter in his backpack.

"I'm glad police got him, but I still don't feel safe at school," said the girl who witnessed the incident.

School officials said administrative action against the boy is pending.

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