Saturday, June 9, 2012

Car Slams into Macy's on Staten Island

Several people were injured when a car slammed into a Macy's store at the Staten Island Mall, according to police.

The crash happened shortly after 8 p.m. Friday.

At least six people were hurt. Two of the injured were transported to local hospitals.

Their injuries appear to be non-life threatening.

It's not clear what caused the car to careen into a cab and then the department store on Richmond Avenue. Officials told NBC 4 New York that they are investigating reports that the driver had a seizure.

Shoppers at the popular mall described the chaotic scene.

"I heard a big explosion, like a bomb going off," said Cortney Fletcher, of New Springville. "And I looked to go see what happened and I see all the glass falling."

Police are investigating.

By: NBC 4 New York

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