Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brooklyn Still Hit by Power Outages, Restoration Promised

Power Outages in Williamsburg

NEW YORK CITY— Power outages that struck neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens on Friday continued into Saturday afternoon, according to Con Edison.

BROOKLYN — Roughly 545 customers were without service in the early afternoon, nearly a third of the 1,700 that originally lost power on Friday. The outages were brought on by the week's heat wave that brought temperatures to the brink of triple digits, Con Edison said, that left many indoors and seeking respite in front of air-conditioners.

Of the customers without power, 454 of those out of service were in Brooklyn, most of them in South Williamsburg and Borough Park, down from 1,400 customers reported on Friday. Ninety remained without electrical service in Queens, most of them in South Ozone Park.

A spokesperson for Con Edison, Alfonso Quiroz, said Friday that some of the affected areas were not experiencing complete outages, but had less power than normal.

"We're asking people to absolutely conserve," he said. "Don't run an AC too long, make sure the doors are closed, do not leave iPads plugged in because it continues to pull power."

"We have 8 million people in this city, and it continues to pull," Quiroz said of the pressure on the city's electricity supply. "Simple things like this are where we need them to cut back."

Con Edison predicted that power will be restored to most of the still affected customers by 7 p.m. Saturday, according to its website.

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