Friday, December 28, 2012

Inmate Bites Correction Officer in Rikers Island Fight

RIKERS ISLAND — Eight Department of Correction officers were injured — including one who was bitten on the arm by an inmate — in two fights at the Rikers Island jail Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

Both scuffles occurred in the Anna M. Kross Center mental health observation unit, at 18-18 Hazen St., a Department of Correction spokesman said.

First, an inmate threatened a non-uniform medical staff member, and correction officers were hurt when they intervened, the spokesman said.

Then, in a separate incident, an inmate assaulted Rikers Island staff, the spokesman said.

The eight officers suffered minor injuries and were taken to New York Hospital Queens, the FDNY said. The officer who was bitten had the most serious injury, the Department of Correction said.

Two of the officers had been treated and released by Thursday evening, the department said.

The FDNY initially said the officers were injured in a car crash on the bridge from Queens to Rikers Island.

The Department of Correction disputed that claim and provided a different account.

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