Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shomrim Busted Air-Bag Thief: This Morning Williamsburg Shomrim Member Saw A Suspicious Male With Tools & A Ski Mask Looking Into Cars. While Following, The Suspect Met Up With A BMW, Shomrim Followed The Suspicious Male & The BMW, Perp Broke Into A Car & Took Out The Air Bag & Tried To Get Away With The BMW But Shomrim Caught The Thief at Harrison & Penn, & The BMW Took Off, Shomrim Found The BMW Parked Unoccupied at Throop & Bartlett, Police Towed The Car To The Williamsburg 90th Pct, After Checking Out The Car Police Found Tools To Break Windows Of Cars Without Making Noise & Police Also Found A "Police Scanner" Which Was Set On The Williamsburg 90th Pct. A lot Of Air Bags Were Also Stolen Last Night Near Williamsburg In The 79th Pct.. Let's Hope That This Air Bag Group Were Busted & The Credit Again Goes For The Great Williamsburg Shomrim
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